Our Goals

  • A society in which entrepreneurial added-value serves as a contribution to public welfare and development.
  • Ethically-conscious leaders who are familiar with their social environment and aware of their inherent responsibilities.
  • Students from diverse cultures who perceive their spiritual and/or religious traditions as a resource for ethical entrepreneurship.
  • Universities and educational institutions that not only serve as places of teaching and learning, but also as places of personality development and character building.

WHAT IS THE ROLE of the practical wisdom society?

We create an international platform where entrepreneurs, academics, politicians and Church representatives convene to commit to and follow joint goals.

In their respective regions, members contribute to the renewal and development of educational practices for fostering young leaders and talents.

Innovative and high-quality research enhances and promotes the awareness of Practical Wisdom in academia.

Our activities include:

Case Studies on Practical Wisdom in Management

International conferences and workshops

Presentations, talks & publications

Further contents and formats to spread our shared guiding principles.